About Julie

In 1999, Julie Jordan taught a cooking class at the Ithaca Wegmans Food Market as part of her book tour for A Taste of Julie Jordan.  The next day the in-store chef called her to say, "We want your food."

A lively partnership among Julie, that chef, and the Ithaca Wegmans store manager created the first Vegetarian Bar in the Wegmans food courts, followed shortly by the Wings of Life Salad Bar.  Both became and remain popular Ithaca institutions.  Several years later, Julie was invited to work as a Vegetarian Development Chef for the more than 75 Wegmans Food Markets in six states.

This book is vintage Julie.  She is as proud as ever of these recipes and happy to share them in this updated reprint.

People say about this cookbook, "I use it."  "Which," says Julie, "is the highest compliment anyone can give a cookbook."